Greater Orlando, FL
Greater Orlando, FL
Divine Etiquette
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Financial Literacy

Understanding Money, Financial Mindsets, Budgeting, Saving, Investing, Money Sources, Philanthropy: Giving Back, and more



Business Etiquette

Business 101, Entrepreneurship, Preparing for and procuring the position/internship, Dressing the Part, and more


Cultural Etiquette

For those conducting international business and/or travel or missions



Other Etiquette Courses

Greetings, Meetings, Hospitality, Thank You's, Dining Etiquette,


Welcome to Divine Etiquette...


We are so pleased you stopped by to visit with us; again, WELCOME!


Here at Divine Etiquette, our Vision is to develop supreme excellence in all we do. Therefore, our Missions are centered around producing respectful, responsible, legacy minded, financially literate, business savvy entrepreneurs and individuals who know, both, what to do and what not to do in given situations. Knowing what NOT to do is just as important as knowing what to do and when to do it. This is what we call ETIQUETTE.


Whether your goal is to become financially literate from A-Z or to simply to better yourself, your student or your staff by mastering etiquette for a particular skillset or occasion, Divine Etiquette has a course sure to fit your needs. We offer seminars, workshops, webinars, preset courses as well as customizable courses, allowing you freedom and opportunity to choose your content focus and time frame. As aforementioned, we work with youth, teenagers, college students, adults and businesses & corporations. Our broad spectrum of courses and seminars will get you and yours where you want to be.


We offer online workshops and webinars. However, we prefer face-to-face given our Niche and teaching styles. We strongly believe in and model inquiry-based learning, simulated learning and incorporate each learning modality into our delivery of instruction for each lesson. We are currently in the greater Orlando, FL area, District of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia and are able to offer face-to-face sessions. We are also available for travel.


Divine Etiquette is made up of a team of licensed and certified educators & business men and women, financial specialists and experts, successful entrepreneurs, creative artists, skilled IT professionals and integral leaders of great success in their given spheres of influence. We are dedicated in helping you achieve your purposes and doing so in a manner of supreme excellence.


Please browse around, look through the courses and be sure to leave us a note before you go. Let us know how we can better serve you and meet your needs. Divine Etiquette is the right place for you.


Thanks for visiting; we look forward to having you back soon! Have a Wonderful Day!




                                                                                                      Divine Etiquette Team  

                                                                                                                                       Divine Etiquette Team



Divine Etiquette offers on-line courses and webinars for those whose schedules do not permit regular class attendance. Find out more about our learning philosophy and get to know our vision.

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